Atresmedia online dating

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Atresmedia online dating

Emecé is highbrow literature: books that will not allow themselves to be pigeonholed into a genre.

Provocative, sometimes exotic stories, that are occasionally revolutionary and always emotive and close to their readers.

A part of Grupo Planeta since 2002, but with a history dating back to the 1940s in Argentina, Emecé is an indisputable reference in the field of international narrative, thanks to its novels for people who want to enjoy the pleasure of a story well told.

See full summary » Gregorio is a very conservative banker from Madrid (Spain's capital, at the center of the country), supporter of Real Madrid's soccer team and full of right-wing ideas, who is married with the more comprehensive María, being parents of three children: the older, Sandra, who is married with Jordi, a Catalonian supporter of the Barça's soccer team (Real Madrid's main rival); the middle Alicia, a free-spirited sweetheart that is dating with Leo, a perroflauta (Spanish for dreadlock) anti-system and anarchist Andalusian, and younger Carlos, a sensitive gay who is the boyfriend of Eneko, a black man born in Basque Country but that his parents are from Senegal.

After of the sudden death of María in a run over, the family moves to San Lúcar de Barrameda (Andalucia, south to Spain) for the María's burial, and in addition to follow the María's last will for spending a weekend all together to roughen the roughness.

The Luxembourg-based company owns stakes in TV channels and radio stations in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Hungary, and Croatia.

It is one of the world’s leading producers of television content: from talent and game shows to drama, daily soaps and telenovelas, including .

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The roots of the company date back to 1924, when Radio Luxembourg first went on air.