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Hides of cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep and other wild animals were used.

These ethnic shoes were worn by wealthy zamindars, chaudhary, nawab, jagirdars Maharajas and Maharanis of India (esp.

) is a type of footwear common in North India and neighboring regions.

They are traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery, in real gold and silver thread as inspired by Indian royalty over 400 years ago.

Today Amritsar and Patiala ("tilla jutti") are important trade centers for handcrafted juttis, from where they are exported all over the world to Punjabi diaspora. Juttis have evolved into several localized design variations, even depending upon the shoemaker.

However by large, they have no left or right distinction, and over time take the shape of the foot.

They have been traditionally handed over generations with each generation contributing some variation to it. They are usually made of fine leather and are delicately embroidered with threads or beads.

Even with changing times juttis have remained part of ceremonial attire, especially at weddings, the unembellished juttis are used for everyday use for both men and women in most of Punjab mostly called Jalsa Jutti which is blackish in color.In January 1934, the foundation stone for the first building of Bata.s operation - now called the Bata.In the years that followed, the overall site was doubled in area. It was also the first manufacturing facility in the Indian shoe industry to receive the ISO: 9001 certification.Now with changing times different juti with rubber soles are made available.Besides Punjabi jutti, there are various local styles as well.

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Jutti is the traditional Indian footwear popular in North India, especially in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

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