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Charlize theron dating jason reitman

and instead of trying to portray an "arc of character," we find her at the end almost as dysfunctional while we the audience were entertained and, yes, provoked by this adventure.As one reviewer said, "It's like watching a train wreck unfold on the screen." Diablo told me that she was a little surprised that the picture got made almost exactly as she wrote it.An attractive, outwardly confident woman, she's really a psychological mess, with a morbidly nostalgic attachment to her years of teen-princess glory, and a deluded dream of winning back her old high-school beau.Young Adult is an extremely dark character study with a protagonist who starts off unsympathetic, and becomes worse – not bad for a film which initially seems to be a Jennifer Aniston-style romcom. " 'Feel-bad' is the order of the day in Young Adult, he confirmed; he wanted to deny audiences the routine emotional rewards of Hollywood comedy.

And the urbanely troubling Clooney vehicle Up in the Air was at once a study of the effects of recession on the executive lifestyle, and a desolate portrait of loneliness."We all admired you so much when you left and got a career in the city.Please take me back with you, Mavis.") I would also be remiss if I didn't applaud the cinematic courage of these intrepid filmmakers in depicting a very disfunctional leading character at the beginning of this black comedy...I'm proud that pro-choice people thought Juno was their film and pro-life people thought it was theirs.Because that's all a reflection of who they are: the movie serves a purpose of highlighting the viewer."While the messages are elusive, Reitman likes to be clear when it comes to the films' emotional effect.

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I made a mental note of her journey from there when, after a very tragic incident involving her mother and father, she came with her mom to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.