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Dating recourse add link

Providing these HTML instructions is not equivalent to showing a copy.

First, the HTML instructions are lines of text, not a photographic image.

This can cause usability problems for visitors to those sites.

For example, they may be unable to save bookmarks to individual pages or states of the site, use the web browser forward and back buttons—and clicking the browser refresh button may return the user to the initial page.

…While in-line linking and framing may cause some computer users to believe they are viewing a single Google webpage, the Copyright Act, unlike the Trademark Act, does not protect a copyright holder against acts that cause consumer confusion. Davis, was not published in official reports, but is available at 2006 WL 3616983.

In December 2006, a Texas court ruled that linking by a motocross website to videos on a Texas-based motocross video production website did not constitute fair use. In a February 2006 ruling, the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court (Copenhagen) found systematic crawling, indexing and deep-linking by portal site of real estate site not to conflict with Danish law or the database directive of the European Union.

There appear to be no cases holding the URLs to be subject to copyright.

There is nothing sufficiently original to make the URL a copyrightable item, especially the way it is used.In the second of these cases, the court explained (speaking of defendant Google, whom Perfect 10 had also sued) why linking is not a copyright infringement under US law: Google does not…display a copy of full-size infringing photographic images for purposes of the Copyright Act when Google frames in-line linked images that appear on a user's computer screen.Because Google's computers do not store the photographic images, Google does not have a copy of the images for purposes of the Copyright Act.In other words, Google does not have any "material objects…in which a work is fixed…and from which the work can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated" and thus cannot communicate a copy.Instead of communicating a copy of the image, Google provides HTML instructions that direct a user's browser to a website publisher's computer that stores the full-size photographic image.

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