Guy still dating website

Posted by / 10-Nov-2017 20:28

I couldn’t understand why he would act this way, but still be on the dating site all the time. He got really defensive, giving excuses and saying it was way too early for this conversation.He told me we should head our separate ways and I haven’t heard from him since.

Until we figured out what we wanted, he was free to do whatever he was going to do, and I was free of driving myself nuts wondering about it.When we were together, he was very sweet and totally into me.He listened, paid attention and was very affectionate to me.You don’t get to the good parts of love without going through a little bit of that. Give the guy a little breathing room to figure out his own mind, and trust that someone who likes you will do what he can to let you know and reassure you that he likes you. If a couple weeks from now, you’re still feeling anxious and unsure?

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