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(60 miles ±) in a direct northwesterly line from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia (Fig. The region round about is sparsely inhabited by Indians who live in squalor and poverty — modified descendants of warlike aborigines, docile and peaceable, even servile, speaking a Spanish patois.

The region in general is unhealthful; the natives suffer from tropical anaemia, malaria, dysentery, and other complaints incidental to the latitude.

The total number of emerald localities in Boyaca has been stated to be 157, but this figure is probably a rough approximation.

Outside of the Department of Boyaca, the emerald is not definitely known to occur in South America.

The Spaniards acquired their first indication of the source of the emerald in 1537, when Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, the conqueror of interior Colombia and the founder (in 1538) of the city of Bogotá, entered the valley of Guachetá in the Chibcha domain and received nine emeralds as a gift from the Indians.

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The so-called Somondoco deposits (marked Chivor on the map) and those of Coscuez are important historically and enjoy the reputation of being very rich.

The other localities indicated are prospects merely, though locally known as minas.

It has been reported, however, in Colombia near Bolivar, Province of Velez, Department of Santander, The present section is preliminary to a fuller study under preparation on the history and archeology of the emerald in South America.

The early history of the Muzo deposits is buried in the remote past.

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D., Evanston, Illinois Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers Vol. † Received June 28, 1916 The writer visited the Muzo emerald mines in July, 1915, and spent six days in their study.

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