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Paul janka online dating

Of course, you can bend to her whims, but you'll be in a lower status category immediately. If you choose the latter, you need to come to terms with an emotion that can bedevil you if you're not careful: frustration.

Depending on your appetite and the rotation you employ, you may be seeing quite a number of girls per week.

Paul Janka has recently written an ebook called " Attraction Formula" where he gives his secrets that allowed him to go from a from a shy, awkward, 20-year old virgin to having sex with over 146 women.

Now he has dedicated his life to showing men who are in similar situations to his or are just looking to improve their success with women the secrets that he learned in regards to attracting women Paul Janka "Pickup artist" extraordinaire, of the most skeevy, nasty sort.

Also, although there are some rough ones in there, most of the girls are good-looking (7's or 8's) and several are 9's and 10's, including 3 super-hot models.

- Paul Janka About Author: Real Name: Paul Janka Affiliation: Paul Janka, The Attraction Formula Website: Janka became famous for his Attraction Code ebook and his appearance on TV shows such as Dr. His method seems to focus on quick street approaches with swift number closes.

That's more than 20 girls a year, and I had a girlfriend for a spell.Paul Janka's Dating Techniques What's my dating philosophy?I was on the phone last night with two friends and we were discussing the dos and don'ts of dating in New York City.Paul Janka became even better known after going on "The Today Show" and "The Dr.Phil Show" and discussing his controversial attitudes toward women.

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PUAs have criticized him for being overly reliant on their looks and also that his game is very specific to big cities such as New York.

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