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Rapidly, other studies strengthened the notion that pufferfish DNA could help identify and better understand the structure and sometimes the function of mammalian sequences.Consensus phylogenetic relationships between fish (simplified from Nelson 1994; Inoue et al.

Yet humans and fishes share many developmental pathways, organ systems, and physiological mechanisms, making conclusions relevant to human biology.

Neutral nucleotidic sequence evolution per year was found to be twice as fast in pufferfish as between human and mouse, and protein evolution also appears to proceed at a faster rate in fish, although the reasons for this are still unclear.

It should be noted that these results depend on the dating of the divergence between genomic sequence is anchored on each of the chromosomes, providing a long-range view of gene organization in the genome.

The respective advantages of zebrafish, medaka, have been well exploited so far with bioinformatics analyses and molecular biology techniques.

However the full potential of fish genomics is about to be unleashed with the integration of more traditional disciplines such as biochemistry and physiology, with the study of additional species such as carp, trout, or tilapia and a broadening of its applications to environmental genomics or aquaculture.

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Because a tract of four glutamines is unlikely to form a functional site in itself (such as a polar zipper-, Perutz et al. The initial rationale behind this second pufferfish project was to assist in the annotation of human genes, a slow and fastidious task when performed by humans, often unreliable when performed by automatic approaches, and yet one of the primary goals of the Human Genome Project.

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