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The rules of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission require that this same language be placed conspicuously above the signature line on the purchase contract. The Timeshare Act answers some, but not all, of these questions.The take-away is that a purchaser should know her rights.

Although the social media law is silent as to remedies, employers should be aware that, by engaging in the type of conduct the law prohibits, they may violate other laws that allow for substantial damages (such as the federal Stored Communications Act or common law privacy rights).Tennessee's new social media law applies to employers with one or more employees (including the state and its political subdivisions), as well as any agent, representative, or designee of an employer.Under the new law, an employer may not: The social media law also makes clear that an employer is under no duty to search or monitor activity on a personal Internet account, nor is it liable for failing to request or require that an employee or applicant grant access to or allow observation of his or her personal Internet account.The third limits liability and the damages available under the state's statutory employment discrimination laws and applies to actions accruing on or after July 1, 2014.This alert highlights key provisions of these new laws and examines the implications for Tennessee employers.

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