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Now the debate will go to the Supreme Court, if the Supreme Court chooses to hear it.Aspirin might not be enough to help the justices and their clerks struggle through all the issues involved. A trademark helps inform consumers that they are buying a product from a given company, and not being tricked into buying a different product from other businesses. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, Gillespie and Elliottt accused Google of bullying dictionaries into adding a reference to the trademarked name Google to their definition of “google” as a generic term.The dispute goes back to 2012, when Gillespie bought more than 700 internet domain names beginning with the word “google,” such as and, without Google’s permission. In every administrative and court ruling so far, Google has won — and it now has control of Gillespie’s website names. They also cited rap artist T-Pain, arguing that when he said in one song, “google my name,” he was using the word generically.So far, the lower courts have ruled in favor of Google, citing Google’s consumer surveys showing that most consumers who use the word “google” are referring to using Google, not competing search engines like Bing and Yahoo.Google obtained a trademark for its name from the federal government, giving it a monopoly over the name.David Elliott and Chris Gillespie filed a petition with the Supreme Court court on Aug.14 urging the Supreme Court to hear its argument that the public, through everyday conversation, has gradually transformed the brand name “Google” into a generic verb.

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If the word you type is not on this list, it can NOT be seen by speed chat users.

Below is a list of acceptable words that can be used in game.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online uses a sophisticated "white list" of acceptable words as a filter for the in-game chat.

The "white list" contains various pre-approved words that can be used.

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